July 2022 Release Notes: Improved Control Panel, Filters on Category Pages for WooCommerce & More

Anastasiya Kupriyanova
By Stacy
July 29 2022
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Welcome to Searchanise release notes. We've updated our admin panel to give you more control over the app's settings. Also now you can schedule automatic re-indexation for Shopify stores, create custom product labels for BigCommerce stores, add filters to category pages for WooCommerce stores, and much more!

All platforms

New look for the Instant Search Widget section

The Instant Search Widget (ISW) section now looks different. We've changed it significantly to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. Among other things now you can:

  • Change colors of the widget's elements easier;
  • Set up product labels in seconds;
  • Manage the content of ISW:
    • change the number of categories, pages and products, or hide them completely
    • manage search results order, and much more.
Instant Search Widget
We've also improved the "Preview changes" option which allows you to see in real time how the changes you make look like in your store. Just don't forget to press Apply changes button for the new settings to go live
    Preview changes
    Changes preview in ISW
    Go to the Searchanise control panel & check out yourself how much easier managing ISW has become!

      Edit settings in bulk

      You can now edit settings in the control panel in bulk. This allows you to fine-tune the app much faster. Bulk editing is available for the following settings:

      • Filters. Edit the Status, Desktop view, More count, or Sort by attributes of several filters at once. Here's how to do it.
      • Filter values. Edit the Status of multiple filter values at once, find out how.
      • Categories and Pages in Preferences. Hide all or several categories or pages at once.

      Test the new simple way of editing settings in your control panel!

      Clean up Synonyms, Redirects, Stop Words, Merchandising, and Suggestions

      You can also effortlessly manage Synonyms, Redirects, Stop Words, Merchandising, and Suggestions: delete them in bulk or clean up all of them in one click. If a big amount of data was imported incorrectly this tool is especially useful.

      To manage settings in bulk, go to the corresponding section in the control panel, for example, Synonyms. Click Select all checkbox at the top. Delete selected or Clean up all Synonyms. Confirm it and force re-indexation. After the indexation is finished, the synonyms you've deleted won't affect the search.
      Editing Synonyms
      Clean up Synonyms
      Make sure your Synonyms and other settings perform at the top level and delete irrelevant ones in a few clicks. Go to the control panel to set them up.


      Set up automatic re-indexation

      You can now create a schedule for automatic re-indexation instead of clicking "force re-indexation" every time you update your store. This way your customers will get up-to-date search results even if you frequently change collections, pages or blog posts.
      Setting up indexation
      How to set up automatic indexation
      Go to the control panel and set up automatic re-indexation to make sure your customers always get up-to-date search results. Here's how to do it.

      Add custom products labels

      Create custom product labels based on their Custom Fields to highlight specific products in search. You can use it to attract customers' attention to new, trending, or promo products. Here are the instructions on how to set up custom labels.
      Product labels
      Custom product labels
      Go to the control panel to add custom product labels and make more sales promoting products in search!

      Use product condition as an additional field

      You can now add product condition as an additional field. This means you can display product condition in product cards in Instant Search Widget and Search Results Widget - on top of title, description and price.

      Product conditions can also be used to create filters. If you sell both new and used items, you can assign "new" and "used" product conditions respectively - and the corresponding filter for your customers will be created automatically.

      Assign conditions to your products and equip customers with new filters. Create them now!

      Manual or featured sorting on category or brand pages

      If you use Smart Navigation (filters on categories or brand pages), you can now choose manual or featured sorting for products on these pages. Use it to promote products by displaying them closer to the top, or to set up a specific order for them (for instance, arrange zodiac signs in the correct sequence). Discover how to do it.

      Go to the control panel to set up product sorting on categories or brand pages the way you want!

      Add filters to category pages

      Empower customers with filters on category pages allowing them to narrow down the product's list in seconds with the help of Smart Navigation.
      Product filters
      Filters on category page
      Smart Navigation replaces your WooCommerce category page template. Please, note that you'll need the v. 1.0.11 version of the plugin for the feature to work.

      Go to the control panel and follow these setup steps to create a better customer experience on categories pages.

      Create filters based on custom taxonomies

      Use custom taxonomies to add additional product filters, for customers to easier navigate the search results.

      Please, note that you'll need the v. 1.0.11 version of the plugin for the feature to work.

      Go to the control panel and follow these setup steps to add filters that will meet specific needs of your customers.

      What's coming next

      If you're curious about the upcoming updates and features, check out our roadmap.

      Still questions left about the new functionality? Reach out to us at feedback@searchanise.io — and we'll be happy to lend you a helping hand!

      Until next time!

      Pick your platform and watch your e-store shoot to the top with Searchanise

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      “Rock solid performance! I wish we knew about this app a year ago! The intuitive nature of the searches and speed of information make this a perfect app for our web store."
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      "Works great for our needs!
      The Searchanise plugin/service excels where other leading (and much more expensive) search providers have fallen short on our site. We have over 17,000 products and this plugin indexes them flawlessly and creates a top-notch search experience for our customers. Really pleased that we found this one."
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      My last hope was to try Searchanise. I was, and I am still amazed! The search results are PERFECT! The sync speed is AMAZING without bags or delays. And I have never seen such great support. The Searchanise App is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and I really hope someday to find again such a nice team and support."
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      "Searching for a Search app? Try Searchanise. We are totally impressed, works great, it's faster than the default BC search and looks gorgeous in our shop - it's form and function! Supported by wonderful people. Many thanks to Alexey and the team! Excellent app and awesome team"
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      "The results are fantastic.
      We use it on many customers and they are all satisfied. It greatly enhances Magento's search."
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      "I could say a lot of great things about this add-on, but I think this one line suffices; adding the Searchanise feature to your store is one of the most important and rewarding decisions you will make for your business and customers. Not to mention, the team is an absolute delight to work with, namely Angelina Morozova!"
      Anastasiya Kupriyanova - Content creator
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