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Increase your sales
with Upsell & Cross-Sell

By Searchanise Upsell & Marketing - Grow Store Revenue
Works with
Shopify Plus

Elevate your online business

By displaying product recommendation on different pages of your store, you're able to:



Improve conversion rates


Drive customer engagement


Promote related products

Make your store stand out with product recommendations

similar products, most popular products and new products recommendation blocks
Add recommendation blocks like New Products, Similar Products, Most Popular Products and others to any store page

Leverage Upsell & Cross-Sell widgets

product preview with “Add to Cart” and “Quick View” buttons, image gallery, price, color swatches and sizes
Change the look and feel of recommendation blocks using the admin panel and CSS styles.

Place call-to-action buttons such as "Add To Cart," "Quick View" and "View Product" at the bottom to make your customers take targeted action

Customize design

What else Searchanise Upsell & Marketing Widgets allow you to do


Enjoy compatibility with Shopify
Theme 2.0

The app is easily configured without touching a line of code. Add app functionality anywhere in your theme using app blocks
Customize background and text colors, adjust labels' placement - or hide them when you longer need them

Display products with Sale & Sold Out badge

Add alt text to product images to improve your site's ranking in search results

your website's SEO

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Searchanise Upsell & Marketing - provides more than just product recommendations

The app comes with other marketing tools to transform your eCommerce business. Leverage the full power of marketing to improve conversion rate and increase sales!

Why is Searchanise Upsell & Marketing useful for every store?

Guide your customers through all the main stages of their Customer Journey: from first-time visitors to brand promoters. Drive repeat sales and reduce customer acquisition cost

Complex approach


Striving for excellence

Our development is ongoing and we're adding new features regularly. We welcome feedback and consider adding new features to our product roadmap based on your suggestions
all in one app


Searchanise Upsell & Marketing doesn't stop at product recommendations: they offer other marketing tools, such as announcement, timer, email collection and free shipping bars
Questions left?
We'll be happy to answer them!

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