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analytics dashboard
autocomplete widget
faceted search
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online stores powered
up to 20%
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Search autocomplete
Navigation and Filters

Merchandising and Promo
Upsell and Cross-Sell
Powerful All-time Analytics
Full-text Search
Search by product name, product description,categories/collections,
and pages/blog posts.
Suggestions, Autocomplete
and Typo-correction
Type in the first character of a product name, and our autocomplete search widget will show you the product preview. If you mistype, it will still offer the correct suggestion.
Customizable Dropdown
No coding needed to change the widget's look and feel. You can find all the settings at hand in the Searchanise admin panel.
Search Results Page
Search results page by Searchanise will replace the default one and add auto filters. You can configure how to display the results and customize the look and feel of the search results page.
Product Filters
A bunch of automated facet filters out of the box right after the first store indexation. Fully customizable: filters by price, vendor, color, size and product rating... you name it.
Promote products in search results
Fix products' order in search results by keywords or other parameters. For example, show certain products always on top of search results and use it as a promotional tool.
Product Labels
Add tag-based custom labels like New, Sale, etc., to products in your store.
Recommendation blocks
Add product recommendation blocks like New Products, Similar Products, Most Popular Products, Customers also bought and others to cross-sell products on any page of your store.
Reports & Search activity
See detailed reports about your customers' activity in search: most searched products, search requests with no results, product views, clicks, and purchases.
Product Strategy Adviser
Use our ecommerce analytics service with time-unlimited data to improve your product strategy and adjust Searchanise settings for more sales.

Searchanise supports all the leading ecommerce platforms

Searchanise fits in perfectly with any of the integrated platforms. Enjoy the way it works with quick installation as well as the vast variety of out-of-the-box features and preferences in case you need some customization.
API integration
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Searchanise advanced API and API docs will help you handle any integration.
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