Who we are

Searchanise is an enthusiastic ecommerce development team from Russia.

We are an affiliate company within the Simtech Group, which currently employs over 200 IT specialists.
Founded in 2013
On average, our pros have more than 5-year
experience of working with Searchanise.
More than 1000 reviews
From our happy customers
across the platforms
We develop apps for
the most popular ecommerce
We are Searchanise.
Let's get acquainted!
CARE is the word that describes our team best. It's what unites us and integrates all the processes within Searchanise.
Searchanise Founders
Vladimir Kalynyak
Ilya Shalnev
Here we are
Product Manager
He CARES about product development so that our products met the needs of all our customers and even anticipated them.
Marketing Team
Marketing Team
Marketing Team
They CARE about product promotion and awareness to let you know about all the new features and offers and help you maximize the benefits of our products for your business.
Development Team
Development Team
Development Team
They CARE about the implementation of the best features and the quality of the products that we release.
Infrastructure Supervisor
He CARES about the server-side to ensure total security of your data and guarantee smooth service operation without any breaks.
Support Team
Support Team
They CARE of the communication with customers to provide them with the fastest assistance and make working with our service as smooth and easy as it can be.
Contact us
For Calls
+7 (8422) 582-454
Location ULY
7A Sirenevy Proezd, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Location SAN
815 E ST, #12709, San Diego, CA, 92112