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Our story

We started out in 2013 after realizing the dire state eCommerce search was in. We released a Magento extension: back then 1 in 3 owners were using the Adobe solution to run their online stores. Shortly after we developed a partnership with Shopify, and joined their marketplace.
We are now represented on 6 major eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooСommerce, CS-Cart and WiX. We have 14,800 clients and process 1B search queries every month.
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Our values

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We keep in touch with our customers, listen to their feedback, and improve the app accordingly. We don't assume we know better.

We solve clients' problems

We constantly keep adding new features to our app - and joining new eCommerce marketplaces.

We don't stand still

A vision of how customers can search better & and find what they are looking for - while enjoying the process. We believe online shopping can be pleasant for everyone.

We have a vision

We only hire experienced pros and encourage them to take further training courses. This way they stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

We are professional

We increase customer retention, average order value and conversion rate - the latter by as much as 60%.

We drive results

What makes us stand out

25,000 products and platform logos


Whether you have 25 products in your store, or 25,000, we'll have a plan to suit you.

Ease of integration

You won't require any coding knowledge to set up the app. 3 clicks is all it'll take to have it up-and-running.
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24/7 support

We'll get back to you and solve any issue within 360 minutes. And keep you updated throughout the entire process.
We have rolled out a bunch of major updates this year - and will add even more.

Our plans

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Our team

40% of our employees work remotely: their comfort is our top priority.
This feeling empowers them to do great work - and show exceptional care for our clients as a result.
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What our clients say about us
5 stars
Our entire search experience has TRIPLED in value practically overnight. Comes with comprehensive customization in features and design. The app reports on metrics that matter, and helps us make data-driven decisions. Flexible plans mean you only pay for what you use, which is a deal maker for mid-sized Shopify stores. Customer support is as great as this app.
5 stars
This app is fantastic. Easy to set up and navigate. It has made our site so much more user-friendly and searchable. Products are found at least x10 faster now than with our standard searching. Upsell and Cross-sell work great and we have generated lots of additional sales with these already in our trial. The upsell and cross-sell are even better than some of the other stand-alone apps we have tried.
5 stars
When you have a Shopify store with 7000+ products, things tend to get harder to search for with the standard search bar that comes with your theme. Smart Search & Filter has made it easy to find what you're looking for and it is easy to adapt it to look like a part of your site. Now our customers can search for a part of a sku, or a name of a part, and the search bar will find the full part number, or recommend similar parts. This app is a great addition to our store and I highly recommend it to everyone!"
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