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An intelligent search, filters for collections, merchandising and cross-sell tools will help you deliver a flawless experience

Boost sales & perfect customer experience with our versatile Shopify app

We are trusted by 12,000+ companies
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growing search queries
We process 400M+ new products and 1B+ search queries every month. So don't worry: we can cope with massive volumes seamlessly.

Enterprise-level functionality

The most popular search & filter app on Shopify

Tenacious Toys
"The app works great so far, I have a lot of SKUs and my customers need to be able to search for keywords quickly. This app supercharged my search box and I have seen fewer customer inquiries because of it, even during the trial! Just upgraded to the paid version. Love it."
5 stars
Help customers find relevant products in nanoseconds with Autocomplete, Suggestions, Synonyms & Redirects

Smart Site Search

search bar with suggestions
Site Search
Product Filters
Upsell and Cross-Sell

Customizable Product Filters

Leverage fully customizable Product Facets on collections' and search results' pages
5 stars
"This application is worth every penny. Our users love the fact the search is so quick and easy to use. The search results window is like Amazon where you can filter based on a number of criteria. I would give this 6 stars if I could. Even spelling mistakes are no problem for this app, it intelligently guesses what you meant to type. Also, it is completely configurable in every way you can think of."
top and side product filters
Site Search
Product Filters
Upsell and Cross-Sell

Merchandising Tools to Promote Your Goods

Deploy Quick buttons, Labels and Merchandising rules to make your products stand out
product preview with Quick View and Add to Cart buttons
5 stars
"This app improves the native Shopify search capabilities.
It gives you more control over what the website visitor sees. You can automatically direct certain searches to certain pages, and you can exclude certain pages from search results. I used Searchanise on another platform, and I looked it up when I moved to Shopify."
Notgrass history
Site Search
Product Filters
Upsell and Cross-Sell

Easily Configurable Recommendation Blocks

Sell more and sell better with our powerful Upsell and Cross-sell widgets
‘You May Also Like” recommendation block
5 stars
"This app is fantastic. Easy to set up and navigate. It has made our site so much more user-friendly and searchable. Products are found at least x10 faster now than with our standard searching. Upsell and Cross-sell work great and we have generated lots of additional sales with these already in our trial. The upsell and cross-sell are even better than some of the other stand-alone apps we have tried."
Smart Boards UK
Site Search
Product Filters
Upsell and Cross-Sell

In-Depth, Advanced and Real-Time Analytics

Our detailed analytics section will break down your customers' behavior: leverage this knowledge to adjust your product catalog and make your search results more relevant
analytics report with numbers
5 stars
"This app is incredible! Our entire search experience has TRIPLED in value practically overnight. Comes with comprehensive customization in features and design. The app reports on metrics that matter, and helps us make data-driven decisions all throughout the user's search journey."
Nearly Natural
Site Search
Product Filters
Upsell and Cross-Sell
Our app and its widgets look equally slick on desktop and mobile: your customers' experience will be great regardless of whether they shop on-the-go or from the comfort of their homes.

Consistent look and feel across all devices

works on laptops, tablets and smartphones equally well
Have your questions answered 2x faster.
Our support team members will be on your case first thing.

Priority support

24/7 Support
Documentation portal
We provide expert advice for shop owners on our comprehensive help portal - so that you could micromanage every little detail of your store.

Help is on the way

What our clients say

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
seamless integration with Shopify apps
We seamlessly work with dozens of your favorite apps, so you won't have to give anything up

Searchanise apps ecosystem

Shopify pricing

Pick your plan and watch your e-store shoot to the top with our advanced search app

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Catalog size
up to products / site

$19 /month
Monthly billing only
Support package
Regular queue
Start 14-day free trial
Support and compatibility assistance
Live Chat with support
Dedicated server
Server-side custom modifications
API access
Advanced search
Instant Search
Search Suggestions
Sticky Search Widget
Full-text search
Auto Spellcheck
"Did you mean?" feature
Usergroup Rules
Navigation & Merchandising
Filters on the Search Results Page
Filters on Collection pages
Product Merchandising
Product Labels
Quick View
Upsell & Cross-sell
Coming soon
Look & Feel
Widgets customization
Custom CSS, HTML
Advanced Analytics
Got Questions?

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You ask, we answer

Why is the cost of subscription going up?

We understand that price changes are rarely a pleasant thing to experience: that's why we did our best to keep prices at the same level for almost 9 years. However, our app has grown a lot since 2013. Changing the pricing model is a neccessary step to keep improving the level of service we offer, as well as the app’s functionality. We'll do our utmost to continue improving your experience with our app every day. Before making the tough decision to raise prices, we have thoroughly studied other search solutions and made sure that the new prices and subscription plans are as competitive and convenient as possible.

What will happen to my active monthly subscription?

Your store with an active monthly subscription will go into trial mode until the end of your billing cycle, but don't worry: you'll keep access to all your features. Once your current montly subscription expires, you'll need to subscribe again at the new rate.

What if I already have an active annual subscription?

It will go into trial mode, but there is no need to take any action right now: you'll keep access to all your features and settings. However, once your current subscription expires, you’ll need to subscribe again at the new rate.

Will my lifetime Appsumo deal still work?

Your Appsumo deal is solid and the new pricing model won't affect it, rest assured. You won't need to buy any additional sumo-codes: you'll still have access to all your current features. Upcoming price changes will only affect monthly and annual subscription-based stores.

What counts as a product when calculating the catalog size (choosing a plan)?

We count active products (not product variants) that have the Active status in your online store

What if the number of products in my store exceeds the plan limit?

No worries, the system checks the number of indexed products in your store regularly, and if it exceeds the limit, you will get notifications via email and in the app itself.

I canceled my subscription before getting the Shopify invoice - but still got charged

This can happen due to the discrepancy between the billing cycles of the app and the invoice you get from Shopify with all the app charges. Please pay attention to the cycle mentioned along with the app charge: the start of the cycle is the day you get charged for the month upfront for using the app.

How can I purchase a subscription to your app?

The subscription can be purchased from within the app. To subscribe, you just need to click the Upgrade button in the Searchanise control panel, and choose the plan you would like to subscribe to. Then select the payment method and follow further instructions.

Where can I find out more about new planned product features?

On our public roadmap page, we will naturally keep it updated with new features.