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Advanced search features, filters on collections & search results pages, and merchandising tools to maximize conversions.
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Smart Search & Filter by Searchanise
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Why choose Smart Search & Filter
as Shopify search engine

Here are the main reasons to become a part of the Searchanise family.
Conversion boost
Merchants using our app tripled their store conversion. Check how Smart Search & Instant Search affects your sales.
Unlimited advanced search and analytics
Real time catalog synchronization, unlimited filters and all-time analytics.
All-in-one solution
Shopify store search, navigation, and sales tool to save you money on multiple apps.
Enterprise features for friendly prices
We use highly optimized new technologies and offer ⅕ of the competitor prices.

Shopify search bar with dropdown autocomplete

Show your customers the right results with the instant search dropdown. You have everything to prompt visitors to make a purchase right from the search bar.
automatic instant suggestions, spellcheck & autocorrection
results in products, categories and pages
product previews & live prices, in-stock status, ratings
"Did you mean" suggestions, synonyms instead of "no results page"

Search results page with advanced filters

Automatic and custom Shopify filters for search results: filters by price, vendor, color, size, product rating, etc. Set up any filters based on tags and customize their design.
smart navigation through collections
user-friendly filters
product merchandising & promo tools
product labels & reviews integrated
quick view and add-to-cart button

Personalized customer experience

We create a personalized customer experience to help you take control of the visitors' path through your store, quickly find the right products and convert visitors to customers.

Personalization is based on customer interests according to the history of views. It shows your customers products from the same collection or product type as the ones viewed by a specific customer earlier.

Upselling and cross-selling solution

Add customizable recommendation blocks just like those on Ebay or Amazon to any page of your store and let your customers buy more! Available in manual and automatic mode.
Most popular products (bestsellers)
Customers who bought these products also bought
Similar products
Featured products

Detailed all-time analytics

Track how Smart Search & Instant Search affects your sales with detailed reports on product clicks and purchases.

Smart Search & Filter in numbers


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processed products

The apps you use

Smart Search & Filter works with them too.

Review apps Reviews
Get product reviews, site reviews, photo/video reviews and Q&A
Product Reviews
The simplest way to share your customers' experiences
Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A
Collect product reviews, site reviews, and photo reviews
Customer Ratings, Reviews, Photos/Videos, Q&A Product Reviews
Product reviews with in-email form, photos, reminders & Q/A

Multicurrency apps

Automatic currency conversion
Bold Multi‑Currency
Currency converter with real-time multi-currency billing
BEST Currency Converter
Show prices in customers local currency. Make shopping easy
Auto Currency Switcher
Best Currency Converter to checkout in multi currency


Wishlist King
The Wishlist app that works. Customisable. Free Setup.
Wishlist Plus
Help your customers pick up where they left off

Mobile App Builder

Mobile App Builder ‑ Vajro
Drive conversions with the perfect Android and iOS mobile app for your Shopify store

And even more

The all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users and increase conversions with ease.
Translate your shop into multiple languages
Infinite Options
Let shoppers customize your products


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