November 2021 Release Notes: Latest Updates and Improvements for Shopify

Welcome to this month's release notes! We've got a few product updates for you, along with enhanced integration with Langify and new integration with ShopperApproved. Check out what's new and how you can benefit from it:

Smarter search

We've released a new feature that will enhance your customers' search experience. This feature allows Searchanise to ignore spaces or hyphens in customers' search queries. Let's say you sell parts for remote speakers, and your clients search for "Motorola GP1200 Battery" using various spellings ("Motorola GP-1200 Battery" or "Motorola GP 1200 Battery"). Now, even if a customer uses space or hyphen in the product name, the search will return relevant product results:
Search ignores spaces and hyphens
Searchanise ignores space in a product name and returns relevant results
Also, with the new feature, the app can now return search results for queries like "bath rug 20x30" for products with specific sizes, enabling your customers to easier find what they want:
Smarter search
Products with specific sizes in search results

Improved integration with Langify

If you're a Langify user, we are happy to announce that you can now display Langify translations in Searchanise Instant Search Widget and Search Results Widget. To do so, go to the Searchanise control panel, open the Translations section and click the Resync Translations button. Also, this is where you'll also be able to look up the date of the previous sync.
How to manage translations
How to resync Langify translations
After the import has been finished, Searchanise will use Langify translations in its widgets. You can also manage the translations of Searchanise widgets' elements. Check the help article with detailed instructions to find out how to do it. After that, your international customers will enjoy your storefront and site search in their native language.

Enhanced app stability and loading speeds

Our dev team constantly works on improving Searchanise. This time they've managed to take the stability of the app to a new level. Also, Searchanise is now compatible with the latest Shopify requirements.

And, to top it all off, we've also improved Google PageSpeed score, through the following things:

  • added lazy image loading in Searchanise widgets;
  • split Javascript widget files and reduced the main JS file by 50%;
  • split CSS files and resolved the "Remove unused CSS" warning from GPS.

Thanks to it, the search results page loads faster, ensuring a smooth user experience for your customers.

ShopperApproved integration

We're happy to announce that Searchanise is now fully integrated with ShopperApproved. So, if you're a ShopperApproved client, you can turn on the integration in the Searchanise control panel, the Integrations section, and display product ratings and reviews in the search results to add social proof.
Searchanise and ShopperApproved integration
How to turn on integration with ShopperApproved

Have questions or suggestions on the new functionality? Contact us at; we are happy to chat.

Until next time!
Anastasiya Kupriyanova - Content creator
Anastasiya Kupriyanova
Anastasiya is a content creator at Searchanise. Her professional areas of interest are SaaS solutions and ecommerce. Anastasiya believes that quality content must be valuable for readers and achieve business goals. When she is not busy writing, which does not happen often, she reads passionately, both fiction and non-fiction literature.

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