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Searchanise is the search every CS-Cart store needs

Smart Search & Filters, Cross & Upsells to boost conversion.
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Best CS-Cart search addon

Search without limits
Unlimited number of searches per month
Real-time products sync and catalog indexation
All-time analitycs
As your customer starts typing in the search bar, Searchanise shows relevant products, collections, and pages, along with search suggestions, images, and actual prices.

Searchanise Instant search

Searchanise offers robust, relevant, and filterable full-text search. Finding the right product in a 100 000-product store takes just 1 second.

Searchanise Full-text search

Searchanise does more than just search

Search analytics
Keyword-based redirects
Design customization
Search suggestion editor
Merchandising & promo tools



Catalog size
up to 5 000 products per site

$3.3 /per month
$39 /per year
Annual billing only
Support package
Regular queue

All features
Custom CSS, HTML


Catalog size
up to 25 000 products per site

$4.1 /per month
$49 /per year
Annual billing only
Support package
Priority Help 🔥

All features
Custom CSS, HTML


Catalog size
Unlimited number of products

$9.9 /per month
$119 /per year
Annual billing only
Support package
TOP Priority 🔥🔥

All features
Custom CSS, HTML

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What will happen to my active monthly subscription?

Your store with an active monthly subscription will go into trial mode until the end of your billing cycle, but don't worry: you'll keep access to all your features. Once your current montly subscription expires, you'll need to subscribe again at the new rate.

What if I already have an active annual subscription?

It will go into trial mode, but there is no need to take any action right now: you'll keep access to all your features and settings. However, once your current subscription expires, you’ll need to subscribe again at the new rate.

Will my lifetime Appsumo deal still work?

Your Appsumo deal is solid and the new pricing model won't affect it, rest assured. You won't need to buy any additional sumo-codes: you'll still have access to all your current features. Upcoming price changes will only affect monthly and annual subscription-based stores.

What counts as a product when calculating the catalog size (choosing a plan)?

We count active products (not product variants) that have the Active status in your online store

What if the number of products in my store exceeds the plan limit?

No worries, the system checks the number of indexed products in your store regularly, and if it exceeds the limit, you will get notifications via email and in the app itself.

How can I purchase a subscription to your app?

The subscription can be purchased from within the app. To subscribe, you just need to click the Upgrade button in the Searchanise control panel, and choose the plan you would like to subscribe to. Then select the payment method and follow further instructions.

Where can I find out more about new planned product features?

On our public roadmap page, we will naturally keep it updated with new features.
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