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Receive unique 100% commission for the first monthly payment - and then a guaranteed 30% from each next one. Annual subscribers will get you 15% apiece.

Earn 100% commission with Searchanise

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We'll make sure your payment is transferred to you via Paypal on the 30th of every month. No holdups.

Timely payouts

We'll provide you with ready-to-use promotional assets, a detailed affiliate kit, and a dedicated team member to answer any questions within 24 hours.

Instant help

Check commission earned, leads and clients referred via our intuitive dashboard. Get email notifications every time a sale is made.

Easy tracking

Whether you're a digital agency, influencer, web designer, or developer, we'd be happy to welcome you onboard and offer tailored conditions.


We offer an unrivaled dollar-for-dollar, 100%, commission from every customer you bring in during his first month with us.

Industry-leading commission

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Why we are an easy sell to clients

We are not kidding. Whatever issue may arise, we'll resolve it within 24 hours: odds are we'll do even more than originally expected.

We have excellent support and development teams

We are not playing God, no. We simply offer flexible plans for a store of any size - for a price of a portable charger - and sometimes much less.

We have a plan for everyone

Our app improves every step of shoppers' journey: from search to checkout. That's how we help store owners increase conversion rate by as much as 60%.

We transform customer experience and drive better sales

It takes literally no more than 3 clicks to get the app up and running. It's ready out of the box too: no need to tinker with settings if you don't feel like it.

We are easy to install

Enjoy access to all Pro features from the very first day. We won't ask for your credit card details either.

We offer a 14-day trial period

Whether your followers use Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Magento, CS-Cart or WiX - we have their back.

We work on all major platforms

How to start making money

Fill out the contact form to apply: we'll review the application and get back to you within 24 hours.

1. Register

We'll create a unique code to track referrals and sales. You can promote it everywhere and at any stage of the deal.

2. Get your affiliate code

Link your PayPal account to our dashboard & earn as much as you can: we have no maximum limit.

3. Start earning

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What our clients say

Pleasure Point
5 stars
"We sent emails on two occasions when seeking technical support and their response was so quick and helpful! Given that I have 4 years of experience of contacting support for various apps, so far they are the quickest, most dedicated team we have encountered to resolve issues. Keep it up!"
5 stars
"Searchanise is helping our customers navigate the site more easily through searches and collections. Their response time is usually around an hour and they have helped us customize the app so that it matches our website's UI. Great work!"
Picard B2B shop
Girl in Mind
5 stars
5 stars
"Absolutely amazing app with incredible customer service. So far I did not have a single issue that they could not solve. I use the app for on-site search and filters and it works perfectly fine. The search results are on point and quick"
"Best Filter & Search App on the market. Super responsive team who is always there to cater to your needs. They helped us install, optimize and customize the app as per our requirements. Can't see any drawbacks, 100% recommend."
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Double Shake
5 stars
5 stars
"Searchanise is affordable, customizable, and efficient for our team internally as well as our customer base. Their support team is accurate, responsive and attentive with every single one of my questions/concerns - and I can be very meticulous!"
"This app is the most complete solution for listing and filtering collections. The support team is very fast, knowledgeable and willing to help in any kind of situation. Highly recommended!"
Siren Wireless
5 stars
5 stars
Highly recommended. The app is well developed, easy to use, and much more advanced than other similar apps. The support is outstanding. We asked their team for help with CSS customization, and within 24 hours all the work was done exactly as we requested. They truly deserve a 5 star review!
"Excellent experience. Prompt, knowledgeable support which takes less than 24 hours to respond.Most of the time they respond the same day. Everyone I cross paths with is very genuine and kind and truly cares about mutual success. I can't recommend the app enough."

Questions left?
We'll be happy to answer them!

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How can I become an affiliate?

Simply register here and we will send you an email detailing how you can access the affiliate dashboard. There are no special requirements or conditions otherwise.

Are there any joining fees?

It is absolutely free of charge. The burden is on us to pay you commission - and offer our unconditional support along the way!

Do I need to use the Searchainse app to join?

You don’t. However, you’ll find it easier to promote the app if you’ve familiarized yourself with its features. We will also provide you with an affiliate kit to get you started.

Who can I promote to?

Our app aims to improve customer experience in online stores - of any size - by creating seamless navigation courtesy of a quick search, filters and merchandising tools. So your target audience would be shop owners using any major CMS to run their stores, who aim to improve customer satisfaction and drive sales.

How will I earn as an affiliate??

You will get commission every time your referral pays for a subscription. Once you cross the payout threshold, we’ll wire you the money via PayPal on the 30th of every month.

Is there a payout threshold - and how much is it?

There is one - you’ll need to accumulate $100 or more in referrals to get a payout.