Wix site search
to elevate the user experience for your visitors

Make your site content and products discoverable with a professional Wix website search tool. Help visitors find precisely what they are looking for and create the shopping experience they want to repeat.

Display instant
search suggestions

As your users start typing in a Wix search bar, the drop-down menu instantly offers accurate search suggestions with live product previews, including images. Visitors are able to search through the whole site: products and content pages are displayed with one query.

Enable users to filter through search results

Provide an even more satisfying website experience by adding filtering and sorting options to the search results page.
If your products have options like size and color, filters will be created and applied automatically to the results page so that your visitors are easier to sort out the results and find the right product.

Gain control with an app dashboard

Take full advantage of the direct access to your own admin panel: manage your Wix search engine and get a quick overview of site search usage all in one place.
Keep an eye on your visitors: what they are searching for, what they find, and what they don't.
Get ideas of what can be improved and continue building the brand experience customers love to come back to.
Join over 12,000 businesses already providing a satisfying and rewarding search experience for their users with Searchanise

Why our clients choose us among other search apps

Real-time indexation
Any updates you make on your site will be automatically available in your Wix search results in 10 minutes.
Entirely customizable
Adjust your search to fit your Wix website style with rich customization options.
Unlimited search requests
Attract as many users as you can! No limits on the number of processed search requests per month.

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