Everything you Need to Know Before Installing Searchanise
Unbox Effortless 
Search and Filters
Step into a world of simplicity with Searchanise! Installing and configuring our app is a piece of cake – just a single click, and your search and filters seamlessly integrate into your store.
Tailor Your Store Without the Drama
Feeling concerned about disruptions when installing a new app? No worries here! We get it. Choose a seamless integration that won't disturb your store's rhythm – easily turn off the app on a specific theme until you're ready for the big reveal.
Transitioning from another app?
Think of us as your guides, ensuring a smooth migration without unexpected surprises.
Check out our help documentation.
Experiencing issues due to code left from your previous app? Unfortunately, we can't completely erase that code since we're not sure where it all is. It's best to ask their support for help with that. However, if any disruptive pieces of code are affecting our app's functionality, we can certainly fix it! Just reach out to our support team, and we'll sort it out together.
Bonus: Install and uninstall our application worry-free – it won't leave behind any unwanted code. Give it a try, no strings attached!
Crafted for Your Brand
Worried about losing your old search's vibe or aligning with your site's design? Don’t be! 😉
With Searchanise you can enjoy the perfect blend of style and substance.

Our Auto Theme Detector ensures a seamless match with your store's theme. Changes are suggested, not imposed. Preview and choose what suits your aesthetic.

And hey, we get it – sometimes you have specific needs. Our control panel offers rich
customization options, allowing you to fine-tune the details.

And if you ever find yourself stuck or wanting that extra touch, reach out to our support team
and let's work together!
Effortless Settings Migration
Thinking about leaving behind the hard work put into setting up your search and filters in a previous app? We've got you covered. Import/export with a breeze. Synonyms? Suggestions? Merchandising rules? Handled. We've added a touch of magic to ensure your setup transition
is a walk in the park. 😉
Uncover the Full Power of Searchanise
Dive into a treasure trove of features through our help portal. Witness the magic in action with our demo video on YouTube. Need a personal touch? Schedule a demo call with our support team. We're not just an app, we're your partners in success.
Feeling stuck or fancy a demo call?
Let’s tackle it
Join the Searchanise Innovation Journey!
We're not just an app, we're your partners in progress. The journey doesn't end as you install the app and set it up. It's an ongoing adventure, and you're a crucial part of it.
Your feedback is our compass, guiding us towards constant improvement. Exciting updates are always in the works, fueled by your ideas and insights. Check out the latest features we’ve added.

Ready for an exciting journey with Searchanise? Jump in!

Easy install, ready right out of the box
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