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Our analytics dashboard will give you an insight into shoppers' minds

Ensure visitors always find what they need by analyzing their behavior

Track your customers' journey though your store & anticipate their needs

With our advanced analytics you can find out:
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Analyze the most popular search terms to know which goods are in demand - and which might need additional promotion

Which queries rank top?

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It's not only important what they search for - but also what they click on. Arrange your results and categories/collections pages to make most-clicked products come first

What do customers choose?

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If something is searched for and getting clicked on - but ultimately not bought - that might be a signal your product page requires some polishing. Get it right for your shoppers to continue their journey to checkout (feature available for Shopify stores only)

Which goods are ultimately bought from search?

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1 in 3 queries end in 'no results'. Track these searches & keep them to a minimum. Stock up on what your catalog might be missing - to improve customer experience and make them want to return. Or else configure your synonyms to match shoppers' intentions

How to make your product catalog even more enticing?

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1 in 4 shoppers don't bother to type their search in full if they have a list of suggestions on hand. Make sure what you offer in search suggestions is relevant by fine-tuning your Suggestion Dictionary

Are your suggestions helping?

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