Refund Policy

Last Updated: March 10, 2022

1. Terms and Definitions

All terms given shall have the following meaning for these Terms only, and shall not be construed to suggest otherwise when used in respect of these Terms.

The Company is represented by Bolide Network LLC, which provides the Searchanise service.

The Customer is a person to whom the Company provides service to.

The Searchanise Service is the service described at the following link: The complete list of the services provided to the Customer is specified in the invoices issued by the Company to the Customer and paid by the Customer.

2. The Refund Policy subject

2.1. To refuse from the Searchanise service, the Customer should contact the Customer Support service of the Company with the appropriate request.

2.2. Refusal to use the monthly subscription:

2.2.1. The Customer does not have the right to refuse from the monthly subscription if the Customer used the Searchanise Service for more than 3 days during the paid month.

2.3. Refusal to use the annual subscription:

2.3.1. The Customer does not have the right to refuse from the annual subscription.

2.4. The Services which the Customer is not refunded for in case the Customer refuses to use them:

2.4.1. Server modifications for the Enterprise plan subscribers.

2.4.2. CSS adjustments for the Pro plan subscribers.

2.4.3. The discounted monthly subscription.

2.4.4. The annual subscription.

3. Customer's Refusal to use the Searchanise through the fault of the Company

The Customer has the right to refuse from the Searchanise service if the Customer is not able to use the Searchanise service for more than 3 business days in a row through the fault of the Company. In this case, the Customer shall be refunded for the unused Searchanise Service which the Client paid for in fact.

4. The Refund conditions

4.1. The monthly subscriptions are refunded at the 100% rate of the payment.