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By Searchanise
Jan 9 2020
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If you run a WordPress eCommerce site using WooCommerce, you know that the default WordPress site search isn't all that it could be. Your visitors find it difficult to find what they need because the default search built into your site rarely returns relevant results. Well, it is time you should seriously consider upgrading your WordPress search by installing an advanced smart search plugin - Smart WooCommerce Search by Searchanise.
The Smart WooCommerce Search plugin goes beyond showing quick relevant results to visitors that match their search intent. It is a sophisticated site search solution that can be used to help personalize the shopping experience, assist in building your merchandising strategy, and further increase conversion.

In this post, we are giving you an overview of the functionality of our Smart Search plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce

Installing the Smart WooCommerce Search

The plugin is available for download from the WordPress plugins marketplace for WooCommerce. Once installed, the plugin performs the first indexation of all the data available for search in the store - products, categories, blog articles, etc. It takes the plugin an average of 5 minutes to index the store content. After the indexation is complete, you can immediately start using the plugin.
Note: the Smart Search Plugin for WooCommerce supports Real-Time Indexation which means that every 10 minutes the plugin re-indexes the store content to keep the store search updated. Also, every time you make certain changes to the store (i.e. adding new products), you'll be reminded to start re-indexing via a pop-up notification.
The main functionality of the plugin is provided by two widgets - Instant Search widget and Search Results widget. Both widgets are highly configurable.

Instant Search Widget

The Instant Search widget replaces your standard search bar. As a user performs the search, the Instant Search widget comes into action.


We suggest you start using the plugin with enabling the Personalization option. It will allow your search to return personalized results based on your customer's previous product view history.
As a user starts typing a query in the search bar, a menu drops down below the search bar with suggestions dynamically changing with each keystroke. The menu lists query suggestions, as well as product, category, and non-product content suggestions.
Instant Search Widget for Woocommers websites

"Did you mean?" feature

You can enable the "Did you mean?" feature to avoid giving the customer zero results for their search query.


Setting up synonyms will adjust the accuracy of search results for particular search queries and help you speak the common language with your customers.

For example, your furniture store might list multiple items for "sofa" but some of your visitors searching for "coach" might end up with zero results page. Use the plugin feature to set up "sofa" & "coach" as synonyms, and users who look for a sofa or a coach will see the same results.

Stop words

The Stop Words feature will help you achieve even more relevant search results for your shoppers. Inside the tab, you can make a list of particular words to be ignored by Searchanise search engine. The engine will skip those words while processing a user's search query.
Note: By default, such words as "a", "the", and some prepositions are already added to the stop word list.

Product Labels

You can add product labels with stimulating call-to-action texts to store items: "New", "Limited edition", "Holiday Special Offer", etc. and include them in the search query suggestions. This feature is a great assistance in guiding your visitor to the offer they might be interested in.


In the Instant Search widget, you can also create custom redirects to landing pages for particular search terms.

Customization options

With the settings of the Instant Search widget, you can modify the look and feel of the widget, set translations of the widget elements, and manage the content you want to be displayed in the widget:
Options from the Admin Panel

Sticky Widget

With the Sticky Widget option enabled, you can stick the icon for the search bar to any place on the storefront page that's locked into place, so when a user scrolls down the page, it doesn't disappear.

Search Results Widget

After a user performs a search, they are taken to an automatically generated page that contains the results of the search query.

Filters and Sorting

Faceted navigation allows visitors to filter and sort results based on product attributes.

There are 7 default filters with the most common attributes like price, size, color, and stock status already set up for you. However, you can add as many filters as you need.

Below is an example of how a store selling fabrics wholesale configured filters for the search results page:
Search results page for Woocommerce Shops

Customization options

The same way as with the Instant search widget, you can customize the look and feel of the search results widget, set translations of the widget elements, and manage the content you want to be displayed in the widget:
Search results options for WooCommerce Admin Panel


In the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin, you can set up merchandising rules for products, tags, and categories. This functionality gives you an ability to promote specific items or groups of items for certain search queries (or any search queries).

Let's suppose we have a store that sells activewear for women and we want to promote our new product, Women's Breathable Running Shoes. You can go to the Merchandising tab and create a promotional rule for this particular product:
Merchandising Rules
In this example, we chose "Always" as the ranking factor for our product, this means that whatever search query visitors type in, they always see Women's Breathable Running Shoes at the top of the product suggestions list:
Autocomplete and search suggestions
The keyword-based ranking lets you assign keywords to the promoted product and show it in results if a user query matches the keyword(s).
Merchandising options


Smart WooCommerce Search gathers data related to the activities and behaviors of your shoppers: popular search queries and terms, top-performing products, queries that give zero results, and many more. The data will help you drive store improvements, such as search performance optimization and introducing new products. It will also give you promotional ideas like highlighting certain products and creating special offers.
Analytics Section Graph
Analytics Tables from the Searchanise Admin Panel
With the Smart WooCommerce Search by Searchanise analytics, you can track the site search performance and monitor the effectiveness of your site search optimization efforts.
Visit our DEMO store and explore your possibilities with the Smart WooCommerce Search by Searchanise:

Extra Benefits

With the Real-Time Indexation in the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin, your website will always stay updated;

Multilingual Search support allows your customers to search in any language;

Smart WooCommerce Search is Mobile-Adapted and provides a smooth mobile shopping experience for your customers. Its UI elements are optimized for mobile, gestures like tap, swipe, and pinch are implemented into the design;

Compared to other site search solutions for WooCommerce, Smart WooCommerce Search by Serachanise does not put an extra load on the server, even if your store lists 300,000+ products.

Convenient and Affordable Pricing

Unlike other site search solutions for WooCommerce, our pricing is fair and predictable.

We do not base our price on the number of searches performed on your website. Our subscription price is based on the amount of products in your store.
Note: The price depends on the number of parent products in your catalog. E.g.: if you sell 300 t-shirts and each of the t-shirts has size and color variations, we will charge only for those 300 t-shirts.
Smart WooCommerce Search by Searchanise is available free of charge during a 14-day trial period when you can explore all of the Smart Search premium features.

Product search and other core functionality are available for FREE to stores with up to 25 products.
Our Paid Plans include:
Up to 500 products - $9/month ($6.3/month if you get an annual subscription),
Up to 5000 products - $18/month ($12.6/month if you get an annual subscription),
Up to 25000 products - $27/month ($18.9/month if you get an annual subscription),
Up to 50000 products - $54/month ($37.8/month if you get an annual subscription),

Contact us for a custom quote if you manage a store with an inventory of more than 50,000 products.
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What users say about the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin?

Below is what our happy customers say about their experience with the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin:

"Very easy to install and configure great features!"

"Got this app for my site, worked even better than advertised. Thanks!"

"The Searchanise plugin/service excels where other leading (and much more expensive) search providers have fallen short on our site. We have over 17,000 products and this plugin indexes them flawlessly and creates a top-notch search experience for our customers. Really pleased that we found this one."

Hit the button below if you want to see more reviews and download the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin from the WordPress plugin marketplace:

Ekaterina Kopylova - Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager at Searchanise

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