June 2020 Release Notes: Improving Upsell, Integration with Vajro, Shopify Kit, and More!

Release Notes is our regular update that highlights recent product improvements we've made so you can easily stay up to date on what's new.

We continually improve the Searchanise app for better usage, thanks to feedback from our users.

This month, we will walk you through new features, integrations, and updates that can help in optimizing your on-site search, gaining more insights into your customer behavior, and ultimately increasing your sales.

Kit integration: Skill #4 - Did you mean? (Synonyms)

The Shopify virtual employee, Kit, has already added value to many Shopify businesses: with Kit, you can manage your store remotely via Shopify Ping or SMS communication.

We are excited to announce that last month we integrated another Kit skill in Smart Search & Instant Search app!

Meet "Skill #4 - Did you mean?"

Skill #4 prompts the store owner to assign a synonym for shoppers' search queries that give zero results.

Kit detects such queries and offers the administrator to assign a synonym for them.
"Did you mean" feature in Kit App
Kit will message you about new opportunities that will help drive sales.

We have improved the Upsell & Cross-sell

The "Flip image on hover" setting that was previously available only for the search results widget now also applies to recommendation blocks. This will make your website content more dynamic and attention-grabbing!
Improvement of Upsell & Cross-sell feature
A new metric has been added to the application analytics - Recommendations click count. The metric shows how many times a certain product has been clicked in a recommendation block:
Recommendations click count in Analytics window
The metric will give you insights into what products perform best and can be highlighted in your further upsell strategy.

Langify 2.0 + Searchanise integration

The new Langify version, Langify 2.0, enables Shopify's native multi-language support. Last month we updated our integration with the Langify app and now the multi-language integration between Langify 2.0 and Searchanise is working.
Langify 2.0 Integration
The Searchanise and Langify 2.0 integration makes your on-site search available in different languages.

The new Langify 2.0 is integrated with Shopify's new 'GraphQL' API, with the optional automatic translation feature and a brand new interface to make your translations comfortable and precise.

Searchanise will automatically detect the language and give out relevant results you have translated with langify.

Vajro + Searchanise integration

We have teamed up with the LEADING mobile app builder for Shopify stores - Vajro!
Vajro - The Instant Mobile App Factory
Vajro is a next-generation mobile app platform that expands your reach and helps you ace mobile conversions.
Vajro preview
With Vajro, your capabilities are:
  • Designing a truly intuitive mobile app in minutes with 20+ Pre-built themes & Theme builder that helps you design your Brand's fingerprint on your Mobile App,

  • Delivering the best shopping experience with animated Image & Video in Push Notifications in campaigns like welcome offers, abandoned carts and more,

  • Live Video Sale,

  • Understanding your customers better with the Vajro's Dashboard metrics.
With mobile users outpacing desktop, it is a must to offer your customers a fast, accurate, friendly mobile search.

Now Searchanise high-relevance search results are available for the Vajro customers. If you use Searchanise on your Shopify store, you can now integrate it with your Shopify mobile app too.

Stamped.io + Searchanise integration

Great news for WooCommerce users! Last month we completed the integration with Stamped.io!

The integration allows you to show customer ratings and reviews in the instant search widget and on the search results page. That gives you the easiest and most effective way to promote your best-selling and top-rated products.
Stars by Stamped.io
You can enable the integration easily by following these simple steps.
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Ekaterina Kopylova - Marketing Manager
Ekaterina Kopylova
Marketing Manager at Searchanise

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