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Lightning-fast site search for your e-store

Get instant relevant results from the first letters you type

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Full-text site search
Your customers will see relevant results in 0.2 seconds - be it products, categories/collections, blog posts, or other site pages
Spellcheck & Autocorrect
Say goodbye to spelling mistakes! Our smart Spellcheck and Autocorrect features make your customers' lives easier by ensuring accurate results every time
Even if your consumers use special symbols or junk words in their search, they’ll still find necessary products: our stopwords functionality will simply omit needless terms
Sticky Instant Search Widget
No search bar in your theme? No problem! Our Sticky Widget, resembling a magnifying glass icon, automatically appears for seamless searching
Save time and improve user experience with real-time suggestions and apt product recommendations. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of instant suggestions as they type
Voice Search
Autocomplete & Suggestions
Users can now search effortlessly by speaking their query, making the search experience even more intuitive and convenient

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You are just a few clicks away from pulling ahead of competition

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Optimized for Phones and Tablets
Enjoy smooth search experiences on any device. 
Our app ensures seamless browsing on phones and tablets
Instant Search Widget Templates
Choose from Single or Multi-Column templates and effortlessly customize your search interface to match your store's aesthetic
Dynamic Search Ranking 
Define the importance of each product field, 
ensuring tailored and accurate search results every time
Tailored Widget Content
Customize your search widget by choosing which elements to showcase – suggestions, categories, pages, and products – 
and arrange them in your preferred order. Enhance product details with additional fields like SKU, Barcodes, tags & more
Highlight special offers, showcase availability, and create 
custom labels based on tags to grab your customers' attention
AI Personalization
Delight your customers with tailored search results 
matching their behavior and preferences
Custom CSS and HTML
Blend your search box & filters seamlessly with your store's 
theme using our custom CSS and HTML functionality
Create your own list of synonyms to ensure users find exactly what they're looking for. Unsure? Our Analytics section has you covered
Choosing between Searchanise Search & Filter and Shopify Search and Discovery?

They Press Enter on That Search Query

Guide users to specific pages on your site or any other 
site of your choosing when they enter a keyword
No Results Page
Turn missed searches into opportunities by populating 
your 'no results' page to boost sales even further

Searchanise is a game-changer for your business

desktop browser Sennheiser
Sennheiser additional revenue from Upsell and Cross-sell
Armin Djafari, Global eCommerce platform owner
"Searchanise improves user experience, and now our customers can enjoy the relevancy of the products shown, which results in a 100% satisfaction rate."
desktop browser Impack
Duy Nguyen, Owner
“After installing Searchanise, the conversion rate rose by 14%, the average order value increased by 7%, and the returning customer rate saw a surge of 35%.”
desktop browser Fixoem
Smart Search Bar & Filters by Searchainse helped fixoem
Carlos Maldonado, CEO
“Smart Search Bar & Filters by Searchainse helped us to double the conversion rate, resulting in an additional one hundred thousand dollars in revenue each month.”

What our clients say

5 stars
The app works great, I have a lot of SKUs and my customers need to be able to search for keywords quickly. This app supercharged my search box and I have seen fewer customer inquiries because of it, even during the trial! Just upgraded to the paid version. Love it.
Tenacious Toys
5 stars
Searchanise is essential to our business. We sell hundreds of beers with all different flavors and styles. The search app makes it so easy for our customers to find exactly what they are looking for. It is also extremely fast. The customer support is also excellent. They even helped us with a query that ended up not being about the search app.
Craftline Beers
5 stars
When you have a Shopify store with 7000+ products, things tend to get harder to search for with the standard search bar that comes with your theme. Smart Search & Filter has made it easy to find what you're looking for and it is easy to adapt it to look like a part of your site. Now our customers can search for a part of a sku, or a name of a part, and the search bar will find the full part number, or recommend similar parts. This app is a great addition to our store and I highly recommend it to everyone!
JD Customs U.S.A

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