Search Autocomplete

Don't let your customers be disappointed
by no results page.

Search as fast as you type

In a store of 500,000 products, Searchanise finds relevant products in less than 1 second. And not only products. Searchanise also finds matching categories/collections and pages/blog posts.

The search duration depends on the store catalog size and complexity. Searchanise delivers results before a customer gets bored waiting, even for larger catalogs.

Search suggestions, autocomplete
and spelling correction

Searchanise helps your customers find things faster. It knows all the popular search queries and remembers your customers' search history. The app uses this information to guess what they're looking for and suggests the right thing.

If you sell home decor, and your customer types "lite", Searchanise will offer to search for "light" instead.

Customizable dropdown

Customize product previews in search dropdown and show product labels, in-stock statuses, and all the relevant product info with a great look and feel.
Cloud technologies to save you from server load
With Searchanise, your ecommerce store uses fewer server resources. Searchanise processes search requests remotely, reducing the load on your server.
Real-time indexation
Searchanise tracks all the changes in the store to keep the search results extra-relevant. When a new product appears in the catalog, Searchanise indexes it automatically within 2 minutes. The same goes for any changes applied to products.
Synonym dictionary
If you sell red paint, red, ruby, and cherry mean the same thing. Add them to the synonym dictionary, and Searchanise will show the same results for red paint and cherry paint.