August 2020 Release Notes: Infinite Scrolling, Preorder Status, and More!

In this month's release notes, you'll find new features and improvements introduced to the search results page powered by Searchanise, plus an announcement of integration with one of the most popular currency converters on Shopify.

Infinite scrolling

Allow your customers to see and buy even more products found by Searchanise! Now you can enable infinite scrolling instead of the standard pagination and facilitate surfing through the stock of your store. All your customers will need to do is just to click the Show more button.
Infinite scrolling with Show More button
Show more button on the search results page powered by Searchanise
To activate the setting go to the Search Results Widget -> Content -> General -> Enable infinite scrolling. By the way, it works with the Smart navigation too.

New Recommendation block: Customers who bought this product also bought

We've added a new recommendation block used on best ecommerce resources like eBay and Amazon. Enable this block and promote even more products of your store!
"Customers who bought this product also bought" block on the product page
Searchanise recommendation block on the product detail page
The block recommends products bought by other customers along with a viewed product within the same purchase. Please note that the Customers Who Bought This Product Also Bought widget works only for product pages. The new block is available in the Recommendations section of the Searchanise admin panel. Here is the detailed instruction on how to insert the block to product pages of your store.

Showing images for relevant product variants

We've added the setting allowing to show the image for the relevant product variant in search results. To enable the setting go to Searchanise admin panel -> Preferences -> Show relevant product variant.
how to show images for relevant product
Show relevant product variant setting in the Searchanise admin panel
The feature is in beta now. Feel free to contact us with any feedback so that it worked perfect (if it does not now).

Preorder status for products in search results

We've found out that standard In-stock and Out of stock statuses were just not enough to describe product state. Now if you have products with 0 quantity and the Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock setting is enabled for them, the Preorder status will be shown for such products in Searchanise search results.
Pre-order status label by Searchanise
Preorder status label on the search results page powered by Searchanise
Remember to re-index your store after enabling the Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock setting for specific products to update Searchanise results

Default sorting for search results

As our customers found it profitable to set a default sorting for smart navigation, we've added the same improvement to the search results widget.
how to change default sorting on the search results page
Settings in the search results widget
For example, if you want your customers to see bestsellers first in search results, just set the default sorting as the Bestselling one. This is one of the best ways to promote your bestsellers (see also product recommendations).

Multiple labels in search results

Only one custom label used to be shown in the search results widget at a time. Now you can add several custom labels to products in the search result widget.
custom and multiple labels on the search results page
Create your custom labels to be displayed on the search results page
Up to 4 labels can be displayed for 1 product at the same time. Label position is set up in the label settings (Search results widget -> Product labels -> Edit):
how to change position of the label
Label settings in the search results widget

BEST Currency Converter integration

BEST Currency Converter is an extremely poplular app allowing to change currencies on your storefront. The app makes it easily by automatically converting currency based on your customer location. The integration allows to change currency in Searchanise according to BEST Currency Converter work. Here you can find the article on how to enable the integration. Just 3 steps and you're ready!
What is more, we've improved mobile-friendliness of search results. Now Searchanise automatically chooses the number of columns in the search results widget depending on the device you use and its screen. Some other minor improvements:

  • Pagination for search results in categories and pages

  • Set out of stock products in the end of results list setting for smart navigation

  • Showing indexation status and indexation speed improvement

Miss interviews with Searchanise users? At the moment we're working on the new article where guys from Home Bar Classics shared their Searchanise experience. Just wait a little and meantime see our previous article about how Pixel Empire increased their conversion with Searchanise. Stay tuned, we are about to make Searchanise even better!

Have questions or suggestions on the new functionality? You're very welcome to contact us at

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