April 2020 Release Notes: Search Personalization, Popular Suggestions, Sorting by Bestselling, and More!

This month, we've released a bunch of cool and highly requested features for Shopify stores. Most of them are promo-related, so do not miss the chance to increase your store conversion with Searchanise.

Let's jump right in.

Search Personalization

Search personalization allows to form specific product suggestions for each customer based on product views. To enable it go to Searchanise admin panel → Preferences → General.
how to enable search personalization
Searchanise Search Personalization
Personalization is in beta and free to use now. Feel free to check it yourself.

Most Popular Products recommendation block

Last time we've released a brand new recommendation feature. It allows to add a Similar Products, New products or Featured products block to your store.

Most Popular Products recommendation block shows bestselling products of your store to your customers. Set it up in the Recommendations section and embed to any page of your store.
Recommend bestsellers for your customers
Searchanise Most Popular Products recommendation block
To use this feature please update Searchanise permissions for order processing. You'll see the corresponding notification in the Searchanise admin panel.
Click the Update button to use this function
You can update permissions right in the Searchanise Admin Panel

Sort order by Bestselling

Now you can also promote your store bestsellers by allowing customers to sort search results and collection products in smart navigation by bestselling products.
products sorted by bestsellers
Searchanise sort order by Bestselling
To use this sorting you'll also need to update Searchanise permissions.

Show popular search suggestions on click

Promote products through search even if your customers have not typed a letter yet! The new setting allows you to show 5 popular suggestions in the search input upon click. Go to Searchanise admin panel -> Instant search widget and enable the Show popular suggestions on click setting and check it.
most common search suggestions
Popular search suggestions on click in the Instant Search Widget
The feature works when there are more than 5 suggestions set up in the Suggestion dictionary.
Additional product info in search results
Now you can show an additional attribute (for example, vendor) in search results. Choose the attribute in the Display additional product field setting in the Search results widget → Content section of the Searchanise admin panel.
vendor of products in search results
Product details in search results
The attribute name can be changed in the Translations section of the Searchanise admin panel (Additional product field).

Have questions or suggestions on the new functionality? You're very welcome to contact us at feedback@searchanise.com.

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