Home Bar Classics: How Searchanise Helped a New Business Get Up and Running

"Our website response times improved dramatically, searches became much more detailed and relevant, and we saw an increase in sales," Maxim Neshkoda, Home Bar Classics owner


About Home Bar Classics

Home Bar Classics is a company that prides itself on offering top furnishings and decor for your home bar. Only 4 people are involved in the project at the moment but that didn't stop them from carving out a market niche for themselves. Searchanise came in handy with that - and we had a chat with Home Bar Classics' owner, Maxim Neshkoda about the company's success story.

Where did it all start?

Maxim: "When we went down the E-Commerce road, we were looking for a way to probe the market before making a major investment in inventory and physical assets. During the research phase, we came across drop-shipping as a business model and decided to run with it. We quickly realized the potential of e-shopping versus traditional retail and began to optimize and expand our initial experiment.

"Today we conduct all of our sales online and are striving to expand our market share. We've successfully established a strong product base and are working to expand our inventory and reach.

"We want to make sure that our growth is sustainable and that we do not sacrifice quality or customer care for the sake of rapid expansion."

What was your biggest challenge?

Maxim: "Keeping up with changing technology and shifting markets. The platforms we use are very flexible and it demands constant attention and tweaking. There is no such thing as "build it and forget about it".

"We're always experimenting with new automation software, better marketing strategies and improved web functionality. We do our best to stay ahead of the curve, which is difficult when the target is constantly shifting. Smart automation apps are our greatest allies here - they are well-maintained by the developers to keep up with the changing tech."
Search results page with filtering options

How did using Searchanise impact your store?

Maxim: "We started experimenting with enhanced search plugins shortly after implementing collection filers in our website store. A major influx in product tags proved too much for our existing search function, causing slow search responses and poor user experience.

"The Smart Search & Instant Search app proved to be the best solution to our problem by far. Our website response times improved dramatically, searches became much more detailed and relevant, and we saw an increase in sales.

"We'd tried a number of other search apps before settling on Smart Search & Instant Search, and were severely disappointed by the alternatives. We can state with confidence that this is the most accomplished search solution on the market. The difference in quality is nothing short of remarkable."

What happened with your conversion rates after you installed our app?

Maxim: "Prior to implementing the Smart Search & Instant Search plugin we did not make a single conversion from our existing search function. Now we average between 2 and 3 sales per day. There are of course some fluctuations with this metric. Conversions from direct searches make up approximately 15% of all our sales.

"I personally believe that displaying the sale price in the instant search results leads to an improved conversion rate. Thanks to Smart Search our promotional pricing is much more visible."
Instant Search widget

Which of our features do you like the most - and why?

Maxim: "Our favorite feature by far is the instant search widget. Displaying real-time search results dramatically improved our ability to connect our customers with the right product. The search results page is also much better presented, improving the overall aesthetic of our store. We absolutely love it."

"Synonyms is another function which we believe to be absolutely essential. As smart as the app may be, there is no substitution for human analysis and nuance. Having the ability to cross-map related words is incredibly powerful, and gives us unparalleled control in helping our products get discovered."

What are your plans for the future?

Maxim: "Our business plans are currently focused on growth. We spent a lot of time developing our core platform to easily accommodate volume and scalability. Thanks in part to Smart Search & Instant Search we can now focus on expanding our inventory and growing our business without worrying about our website keeping up with the growth. We've worked hard to create as much breathing room as we can, and will be taking full advantage of this aspect in the coming months."

What's your closing message to our audience?

Maxim: "If you're looking for an excellent long-term search solution that scales with your inventory and your site, give Smart Search & Instant Search a try. We've closely evaluated many alternatives, and are yet to find a better fit.

"From integration to functionality, to aesthetics, to pricing Smart Search is a winner, hands down. It is always much easier to start with a quality product than rebuild later down the line."
Alexey Baguzin
Senior copywriter at Searchanise

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