Search Merchandising
and Promotion Tools

Focus your customers' attention on products you'd like to promote, just like in supermarkets.

Promote products in search results

We call it Searchandising. It allows store owners to promote products and organize search results so that it aligns with business goals.

You can assign keywords to products. For example, looking for a champagne iPhone, customers might type "gold", "yellow", or "luxurious". Searchanise lets you embrace all these possibilities and lead the customer to the iPhone they need.

Searchanise makes it possible to fix product order in search results by applying ranking rules. For example, you can show the most popular products on top of search results.


Add tag-based custom labels like New, Sale, etc., to products in your store. You can customize Searchanise labels or use any picture of your own as a label.

Custom search suggestions & suggestions on click

Searchanise lets you add custom search suggestions and remove unnecessary ones. If a suggestion is more important than the others, raise its priority, and it will appear higher.

What's more, you can choose to show 5 most popular suggestions on click so your customers won't even need to type a thing, just set a cursor to the search input.
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