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Anastasiya Kupriyanova
By Stacy
Dec 3 2021
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Here, at Searchanise, our top priority is to help ecommerce businesses any way we can. This time, we decided to pick several ecommerce questions on Quora and covered them in detail, using our expertise. We believe that our blog readers could benefit from these as well.

What is Quora?

Quora is a popular question and answer platform on the Internet with 300 million visitors each month. It has answers to almost every question, from serious ones like "What is the best way to start investing?" to funny questions "What if time stopped suddenly for 5 seconds?".

As we are well-versed in ecommerce, we decided to answer questions that make merchants toss and turn at night. Let's get down to it:

Topic 1: Ecommerce trends

One of the hottest topics is the trends that will most likely determine how the ecommerce world might change in the future. Here are the top 6 trends:
What are the best upcoming trends in eCommerce?

Topic 2: How to improve an ecommerce website

There are numerous ways one can enhance an e-store. As we specialize in ecommerce site search, we share our knowledge on how to boost the ecommerce user experience with the help of search and what business insight merchants can gain from search metrics.
What are the most important metrics for e-commerce companies?
How do you improve the eCommerce user experience of your eCommerce website?

Topic 3: Helpful ecommerce apps

The ecommerce apps have the power to build a satisfying user experience on a website and skyrocket conversion rates. We share our favorite Shopify apps, including Searchanise, of course :)
What are the most useful Shopify apps?

Do you have any questions on ecommerce or site search?

If there are any questions you would like us to answer, just post your question on Quora and tag @Searchanise on Twitter. We are more than happy to share our extensive expertise after 8 years in business.
Anastasiya Kupriyanova - Content creator
Stacy is a content creator at Searchanise. Her professional areas of interest are SaaS solutions and ecommerce. Stacy believes that quality content must be valuable for readers and achieve business goals. When she is not busy writing, which does not happen often, she reads passionately, both fiction and non-fiction literature.

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