Denago E-Bikes: How to Overcome Limitations of Default Shopify Search

Anastasiya Kupriyanova
By Anastasiya Kupriyanova
Jun 22 2022
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"We were looking for a solution that could search for both products and content. We also needed help to narrow down the product list on collection pages. Searchanise allows customers to do both — in seconds."

Justin Christopher,
Director of Ecommerce at and

About the company is an online store selling e-bikes and accessories that was launched in March 2022. There you can buy e-bikes from different brands as well as anything else you might need for cycling.
Sennheiser headphones is a new brand of e-bikes, owned by the same company as The company controls the entire production process to ensure the top quality of e-bikes.
Sennheiser headphones

Justin, how did you come up with the idea to start selling e-bikes?

Justin: Our vision is to make bicycle riding accessible for everyone. Brick-and-mortar bicycle shops tend to be focused on bicycle racing and performance-oriented cycling. They are mainly targeting people who are taking cycling professionally.

We believe that you don't have to be a professional athlete to enjoy all the benefits of cycling. Everyone can use an e-bike to stay active or to rehabilitate after an injury. And the best thing about e-bikes is that you can ride with people that have different abilities or fitness levels. Let's say one person is in really good shape but their partner is not. As a result, they can't cycle together. But with an e-bike, two people that have very different fitness levels or ability levels can enjoy riding together.

We're trying to make it easy to learn about bikes, purchase them and maintain them, so that as many people as possible can ride.

Where does our app come into this?

Justin: As you're aware the built-in Shopify search is pretty basic and not very robust in features. We were looking for a solution that can search both for products and content, such as pages and blog articles. One of our goals is to educate and inform customers, telling them about all the different ways they can use an e-bike in their life. We needed a good search engine to make sure the content on our website is easily discoverable.

What convinced you Searchanise was the right fit?

Justin: There are several reasons why we chose Searchanise. First, I'm familiar with the product. I knew that the setup and the implementation were really fast, as I used it in my other projects on Shopify.

Second, with Searchanise you're getting an all-in-one solution with the Instant search widget, the search results page, and filters on the collections and search results page. Your competitors do only one or maybe two of these, but they don't have all of those things in one product.
Filters powered by Searchanise
Filters on search results page
Third, a lot of your competitors work great on the desktop and don't work so well on mobile devices. And Searchanise works as well on mobile as on the desktop. And for us, it's essential that the mobile functionality performs at the top level.

Which app features do you find most useful?

Justin: The most important feature is that Searchanise searches all types of content on the website. For example, we've just published an article about hydration and how much water you need to take in during your ride. If somebody comes to the search bar on the website and type in "hydration" they could be searching for actual water bottles or a hydration pack to purchase, or they could be searching for the collection page with all of our hydration products, or they could be searching for helpful content for learning and education. And Searchanise puts all of these options right into the search widget in real-time.

The other thing that we're going to add is filters on collection pages. In our business, some products have an enormous amount of variants. Let's take tires as an example. There are literally thousands and thousands of different tires in the bicycle industry. If a person arrives on the tire collection page through a google search or by drilling down the navigation menu on the website, it's just too many to show them all at once. We need to help users narrow down the product list. Filters on the collection page powered by Searchanise will allow users to get down to the tires that are relevant for them in a few seconds.

Last but not least is the search performance on mobile devices. A huge portion of our customers is browsing the website on mobile phones or tablets. And we want to make sure that they get the same seamless experience as on a desktop. With Searchanise, I know mobile optimization is there.
Site search on mobile
Mobile optimization

In the email you've mentioned that Searchanise helped you improve customer service. How so?

Justin: Quality customer service is one of our top priorities. You can call our support, start a live chat or send an email and get an immediate reply. To provide real-time help our support team needs to find information quickly.

When we had a basic Shopify search, support team members sometimes just couldn't find our own help desk documents or blog articles, even if they knew it was there. With Searchanise the support instantly finds the information they need, which speeds up their response time.

What's your overall impression from the app?

Justin: My experience with Searchanise has been great. The documentation is really helpful, it allowed me to set it up in a self-service environment. I didn't need any help with implementation. The one time that I did need help your support responded quickly and they were able to resolve the issue for me.

I think the big piece of the value is that Searchanise allows you to implement it on the store side without needing to be a technical expert.

Would you recommend Searchanise to other shop owners?

Justin: My experience is specific to the Shopify platform. I have not used Searchanise on any other platforms. But I would definitely recommend it to any Shopify store, big and small. Especially if they have additional content pages such as blog articles.

Basically, anytime you have more than one SKU I think it's really valuable to have a quality search solution on your website. And Searchanise is a great solution for Shopify.

Quick overview

We all know how important search is for ecommerce businesses (that's the reason we developed Searchanise in the first place!). Let's briefly recap some of the core benefits an advanced site search can bring to a store — as it did for Denago E-Bikes:

✔️ The search results include not only products but also blog articles, making content easier to discover;
✔️ Customers can instantly filter the long list of products;
✔️ The search works well both on desktop and mobile devices;
✔️ Support team can quickly find the information they need, resulting in faster response times.

If you, too, want to feel the benefits professional site search has for e-store, give Searchanise a try!
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The Searchanise plugin/service excels where other leading (and much more expensive) search providers have fallen short on our site. We have over 17,000 products and this plugin indexes them flawlessly and creates a top-notch search experience for our customers. Really pleased that we found this one."
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We use it on many customers and they are all satisfied. It greatly enhances Magento's search."
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