3 Reasons You Should
Try Smart Search and Filter from Searchanise

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By Alex
Alexey Baguzin
Oct 10 2022
Many Shopify merchants dread the installation and setup process. What if the new app requires coding skills? What if onboarding is too complex? What if there are too many setup options?

We can't vouch for every app builder - but we can promise you won't run into any of these issues with Smart Search & Filter.

1. We are easy to install

You just need to find the app on the Shopify marketplace, click "Add app" on the page - and then click "Install app" in your store's admin panel. That's it. And we have numerous clients to back us up here. Here are some of their recent reviews:
Can't give it enough stars. It's super easy to set up and does everything that more expensive search apps do - for a fraction of their cost. The support is excellent. Normally picking things from the marketplace is hard, but this one should not be a hard choice.
With Searchanise it takes less than 30 seconds for my customers to find products, and the speed is unbelievable. Searchanise also provides additional filters to narrow down the search results dynamically. I dreaded the setup, but all I had to do was click 3 times for an amazing and fully functional tool in less than 5 minutes.
Great app if you want to understand what people are searching for and improve customer journey. It's easy to install, takes almost no time to understand, and search results are lightning-fast. You can even hide pages from search with ease. One of the best apps I've installed: it'll completely sort out your search function.

2. We are easy to set up

The app is ready to use out of the box. Two things happen automatically upon installation:

  1. the automatic indexation of your products, collections, pages and blog posts starts and
  2. our design analyzer feature kicks in

The indexation is necessary for our app to understand which products you have, so that it could offer relevant search results in a flash

The design analyzer adapts the app's widgets to your store's theme based on machine learning algorithms. It means that the app's elements (number of columns, size of product images, style of colors and texts) will look exactly as your theme does. Don't worry, we won't apply the changes automatically: you can preview and then accept or dismiss the changes we offer.
Dashboard with Live Theme applied successfully
Design Analyzer feature

3. We are easy to configure

Should you need additional tinkering with the app's widgets, you can effortlessly do that. All of the elements are located on the left and broken up into sections. The 4 main ones are Instant Search Widget, Search Results Widgets, Filters and Filters on Collections.

Instant Search Widget (ISW)

It's basically the search function in your store. Our search takes over from the default one and allows your customers to find what they need in seconds - even if shoppers themselves aren't sure what they want! You can configure how the widget looks and which content it displays - to suit yours and your customers' needs - in the respective section.

Search Results Widget (SRW)

It defines how your search results page looks: the product grid, product cards, sorting and pretty much everything else you can think of. Like with the Instant Search Widget, you can change SRW's look and content displayed by drilling down the respective section.

Filters and Filters on Collections

There are default filters (like vendor and price) which are displayed on the search results page - and you can also configure custom filters to suit your product catalog. Fine-tuning their look and position on the page is easily accomplished in the respective tab on the left. Filters on collections work the same way our search results widget does - only filters on collections are intended for your collections' pages.

Wrapping up

If you have any questions left about the initial setup and configuration, we have the basics covered in a bit more detail on our help portal. And of course you can always drop our support a line at feedback@searchanise.io - we'll get back to you within 6 hours.

Check how easy we are to install and set up right now: we offer a free trial period, with no credit card required, so you don't have to worry about it.

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