How Zoobgear Increased Conversion by 45% on Orders through Search

"Instant Search and Search Results widgets produced awesome results for us. The conversion rate for a large group of our customers went up by 45%," Eric, Zoobgear owner.


About Zoobgear

Zoobgear is a boxing and MMA gear store. They work officially with all major brands - but had problems with the conversion rate on their website at the outset. We've talked to company owner Eric and he explained how installing Searchanise made these problems go away.

Can you please tell us about your store?

Eric: "We sell boxing & MMA gear, such as punching bags, gloves, body protectors, jump ropes, hand wraps, etc. Our orders are divided into 2 types: basic orders (simple small stuff, like boxing gloves) and bundles. Sometimes people use the search and sometimes not, but the average order value is very high, about $400."

How did you start selling sports equipment?

Eric: "We set up the shop a year and a half ago. We just contacted all major brands and worked really hard on automation, to make things appear on the website without manual work. We had lots of trouble with inventory updates at the outset. And now we sell more than 2,000 products from 100 brands. We work officially with Ringside, Combat Sports, Title Boxing, Rival Boxing, UFC, and others. All the major companies."

What's the likely path customers take through your online store?

Eric: "Here's what usually happens when people open a product page: they look at it, and leave the website. Then they come back and then leave the site again, and so the purchase process takes some time. And what we've noticed when people come back to the site, they couldn't find a product because the search wasn't good enough. And we did everything to hide the default Shopify search, especially on mobile, because it was not good enough.

"We wanted people to use the navigation instead because it was easier. Once we started using the Searchanise app, our customers started to get directly to product pages and complete the orders that we tracked via Google Analytics and Hotjar.

"Basically, we tracked down every sale we've made and every customer session on the website via Hotjar. Customers usually come 4 times on average before they complete a purchase, but sometimes it can be as many as 20 times!

"All our products are divided between light and heavy items (bundles for $400). For example, the product "4-Score Punching Bag Stand – Full With Bags" is a bestseller, and people come back an average of 16 times to buy it. The product itself is $350 and the shipping is an extra $100 - that's what makes customers come and go a lot before making a decision.

"We also noticed that 90% of the audience search for products on their smartphones. Before we started using Searchanise, they couldn't find what they were looking for and we lost out on potentially a lot of sales."
Title 4-Score Punching Bag Stand - Bestseller in ZoobGear Shop

Are there any advanced Searchanise features that you use?

Eric: "Not really, just the Instant Search and Search Results widgets. And they produced awesome results! That's the best thing the app did for us, and now we also have it in the mobile version. We put it at the top of the page, and people use it a lot!

"We advertise mostly on Google Shopping, and people usually come directly to the product page, but then they go to bestsellers because the price is too steep for individual products. These people usually use search for the most common products, the small products. For these customers, the conversion through search increased by 45%."
GA Conversion Chart
Zoobgear's conversion rate

What other tools do you use to increase your conversion?

Eric: "We use a lot of videos on the site. When we added videos, things changed dramatically. People usually don't have them on their websites, so it helps us a lot.

"We also provide discounts. Sometimes people first search for the discount, and we give a 10% discount for the first order. Pop-ups with discounts really work.

"When people come to buy gloves and other things where they are not familiar with the sizing, it's very important to have a correct size list, especially with gloves, headgears, and shin guards. It's not a shirt when you know your size - small, medium, large, etc. You need the exact sizing. So, we added that - things have improved dramatically after that.

"Basically we advertise mostly on two product pages through Google Shopping. About 90% of our traffic comes this way.

"We've also added Limespot recommendations. Now, there are two main ways to navigate on mobile through the site - via search and via recommendations. People don't want to use catalog navigation on mobile, it's too long and they have to click a lot. So, Searchanise and Limespot are ideal for mobile.

"We've added the review system too, and encourage our customers to leave reviews. Now, we have lots of reviews - over 1,000. People give their honest opinion on the product and it helps a lot.

"Basically, we have all the information a customer might need. People usually ask about discount prices, about return policy, about security. We add all this information to the product page in a separate tab. You have the product description, and then you have the FAQ. All the information was added to the product page because it's the most important page for our customers."
Alexey Baguzin
Senior copywriter at Searchanise

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