7 Essential Features Customers Want to See on Your Mobile App
Mobile checkout page with a big "Pay Now" button
Sep 27 2022
By Shiva
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Everyone's going mobile today. Retailers have now realized that mobile apps play a key role, and have started stepping into the mCommerce space. However, before jumping straight into the app-building process, you should decide which features the app needs. Your app should give visitors a reason to return.

Store owners often tend to overlook integral features that set them apart from contemporaries. Shoppers today are spoilt for options: they buy from stores that offer a wide selection of products, great deals, and a kickass shopping experience on top.

If you're looking to venture into the mCommerce space and grow your mobile app sales, this article is for you. Here are the 7 essential features your customers expect to see in your mobile app!

1. Personalization

Mobile apps can do a lot of things. Store owners can send push notifications, recommend products, offer rewards, etc. Imagine being able to learn about customers' needs and shopping behavior, and then tailoring your store's experience accordingly. That is personalization, in a nutshell.

The idea has developed so much that, based on a shopper's demography, profile, and shopping history, stores can send targeted notifications and personalized recommendations. For example, shoppers who buy sportswear regularly from a store receive push notifications when there is a discount sale running in that particular store. They see new arrivals in their recommendations, or receive offers based on their shopping preferences.
Personalized push notification from Outdoor Outfits
A personalized push notification done right

2. Seamless user experience

The primary requirement for customers when they visit your online store is to shop hassle-free. The smoother the shopping experience, the easier it is for you to convert visitors into buyers. Shoppers want to take action seamlessly, and your app should ensure that the intended action is right in front of them. The app should flow smoothly in terms of functionality and should have all the relevant information easily available.

3. Loyalty programs

A great way to encourage your visitors to return to your store is to offer robust loyalty and rewards programs. It's easier to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. So it's pivotal to cater to your existing customers, and loyalty programs are a great way to do that.

It's important to make shoppers' experience smooth and fulfilling. Make sure that rewards are something that your customers actually want, and facilitate a simple process for earning points and redeeming them inside a loyalty program.

4. Easy checkout

The checkout page is where most cart abandonments occur. Poor checkout experience leads to low conversions rates. You end up losing valuable customers who could have otherwise become your brand's ambassadors.

A simple way to ensure a smooth checkout is to have the cost breakdown and the "Pay Now" button upfront. This exhibits transparency and makes it easier for your shoppers to take action. It'd also be helpful if you offer multiple payment options. Enabling guest-checkout is another way to straighten out the process.
Amazon's Buy Now, Pay Later option
Buy Now, Pay Later app feature from Amazon
One more thing to keep in mind is that not everyone's going to be comfortable with signing up or registering when they first use your app. In addition to privacy concerns, consumers are also tired of receiving endless promotional emails and messages.

Offering the option to check out as a guest is a simple yet effective way to let your customers purchase products without having to sign up. If they like the experience your app offers, they will eventually register themselves!

5. Live selling

Live selling is the rage of the industry right now: it's gained a lot of steam over the course of the pandemic. When businesses had to shut down their physical stores, live video selling was the closest thing to mimicking the in-store experience - which allowed shoppers to view and buy goods instantly. The idea was appealing because shoppers got to see products in real time.

Live selling, in addition to being a fresh method to offer products, is a great way for store owners to connect with their audience and build a community. If you're looking to sell live, remember that you have to start slow and scale as you go.

6. Flexible payment options

Multiple payment options make the checkout process easier for your shoppers. You should also have the Buy Now/Pay Later options available for shoppers to buy products and pay for them in installments over a period of time. This ensures that your customers complete their purchases.

Offering numerous payment options minimizes cart abandonment and boosts conversions. Make sure you have all the widely-used payment options on your cart page to facilitate a smooth checkout process.

7. Social login

Social login makes it easier for your customers to sign up or sign in to their account. According to a study conducted by Blue-Research, a whopping 65% of consumers prefer social logins. For people who cannot remember a myriad of passwords, social login is a way out. It reduces login failures and makes the shopping experience smoother.
Social login on mobile
An example of a social login option

Final thoughts

Consumers have now gotten used to online and mobile shopping. How easy you make it for them to shop on your app is gonna set you apart from your competition. With mobile apps outperforming desktop websites in terms of sales and conversions, it's evident that smaller screens are the future.

If you think it's going to take a lot of time and cost a ton, our partners at Vajro have your back. Book a free consultation and see how your business can grow with a mobile app.

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