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Anastasia Bezuglaya
By Stacy
March 29 2023
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In today's bustling e-commerce scene, standing out isn't just an advantage — it's a necessity. Luckily, with our app, crafting a unique online store experience is as easy as pie. We get it: seamless navigation and intuitive search are the secret sauce to boosting sales and keeping customers happy. That's why we've cooked up a robust suite of built-in settings to make your life easier. But wait, there's more! We're not just about defaults; we're all about customizing to fit your dreams. Let's unlock your store's full potential together!
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Useful Modifications

Stylized Product Cards

Available on Basic and higher plans, depending on complexity
Ever felt like your product cards could use a bit more personality? Our customization team can modify your product cards to better reflect your brand's identity. From typography and color schemes to image layouts and hover effects, every detail can be crafted to align your brand aesthetics. Below are examples of stylized product cards our customization team did for Saski store and AllBuy store.
e-commerce customization
Search results page with stylized product cards and filters
custom product cards
Another example of stylized product cards
What advantages does this modification offer? Customizing your product cards creates a more cohesive look for your store, enhancing brand recognition, trust, and loyalty among customers. With visually appealing product cards, users are more likely to explore products, leading to increased time spent on the site, improved user experience, and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.

Display Sorting Together with Filters

Available on any paid plan without additional stylization
Normally, sorting options and filters hang out in different corners of your search results page. But guess what? Our customization team can mix things up for you! Just like the Saski store, we can bring sorting and filters together in one neat column for a sleeker, more minimalist design.
filters and sorting
Sorting options displayed together with filters
What advantages does this modification offer? By consolidating sorting and filtering options, e-store owners can simplify the browsing experience for their customers. This modification makes it easy for users to navigate and find products efficiently, leading to improved conversion rates and reduced bounce rates.

Tailored Label Order

Available on any paid plan without additional stylization
While Searchanise offers a fantastic tool for labeling products, sometimes the default settings just don't cut it. That's where our customization team comes in! Take the Boozy store, for example. They wanted their labels to show in a particular order, and voilà — we made it happen! Now, with our modification, e-commerce merchants can arrange labels precisely how they want, even if a product has multiple labels.
product labels
Products with multiple labels shown in specific order
What advantages does this modification offer? Labels aren't just eye candy — they're powerful tools that shape customer decisions. With strategic label placement, e-store owners can highlight promotions, create urgency, and nudge users towards action, like making a purchase. By boosting product visibility and driving conversions, labels become key players in enhancing revenue and fostering stronger customer engagement.
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Recommended Modifications

Swatches on Hover

Available on any paid plan without additional stylization
Ready to jazz up your search results page? Picture this: as customers glide their mouse over a product card, watch the magic unfold! The price and product name block transforms into a vibrant showcase of color swatches linked to the product. It's an interactive touch that adds a splash of excitement to the browsing experience.
swatches on hover
Dynamic search results page with swatches on hover
What advantages does this modification offer? By integrating this enhancement, you're offering customers a more dynamic and engaging browsing experience. As they hover over product cards, being greeted by vibrant color swatches, their satisfaction levels rise. This increased engagement not only deepens their connection with your brand but also leads to higher conversion rates.

Search Bar Within Filter

Your filter has hundreds of values and customers are getting lost? Say no more! Our customization team can seamlessly integrate a search bar right inside your filters. This allows shoppers to instantly find their desired value without getting lost in the sea of options. With this convenient feature, navigating your e-store becomes quicker, more intuitive, and overall, a breeze.
custom search bar
Search bar in the brands filter on Messina Hembry
What advantages does this modification offer? Integrating a search bar within the filter menu reduces friction in the search process, improving user experience and efficiency. This enhancement not only saves time for customers but also increases the likelihood of finding relevant products, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Dedicated Tab for Blog Articles

Dreaming of giving your blog articles the spotlight they deserve? Now, you can make it a reality by creating a separate tab exclusively for your blog posts on the search results page.

By default, website pages such as delivery information and FAQs share the stage with blog articles under the "Content" tab on the search results page. However, with this modification, you have the power to separate your valuable blog posts from other site pages, granting them their very own dedicated tab.

What advantages does this modification offer? By incorporating a separate tab for blog articles, we're simplifying the browsing experience and giving your valuable content the attention it deserves. With this adjustment, users can effortlessly discover and explore your articles without sifting through other site pages. It's a user-friendly upgrade that enhances navigation and encourages engagement with your blog content.
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Must-Have Modifications

Add to Cart & Quick View as Icons

Let's give your store a makeover with Icons for "Add to Cart" and "Quick View"! By default, you'll find these options displayed as buttons. But if you're looking to switch things up, just give our customization team a shout and they will replace those traditional buttons with icons, giving your store a sleek and minimalist vibe, like Airturn did.
icon buttons
Action buttons displayed as icons
What advantages does this modification offer? Choosing icons instead of buttons allows e-commerce websites to achieve a cleaner and more streamlined appearance for their product pages. This visual upgrade not only enhances the overall design but also makes navigation easier for users. As a result, it boosts user engagement and leads to improved conversion rates.

View Cart Button

Once customers add a product to their cart, they'll notice a change: instead of the "Add to Cart" button, they'll see a "View Cart" button. If the user refreshes the page or applies a filter, the button will revert to "Add to Cart” – this is the default functionality. That's why we went the extra mile for the Crush store — even if the user refreshes the page or applies new filters, the button still remains labeled as "View Cart."

This way, customers can feel confident knowing their product is already in their cart, and they can easily access it whenever they're ready.
View Cart
”View Cart” button is displayed if the product is added to the cart
What advantages does this modification offer? With this modification, you're making it easier for customers to access their cart and proceed to checkout. This streamlined approach reduces frustration and enhances the overall buying experience, potentially leading to increased sales and greater customer satisfaction.

Customized Discount Label

Want to spice up your discount labels? By default, these labels typically display the discount percentage. However, if you prefer, our customization team can assist you in showcasing the price difference in actual money, just like Easy PC does. It's like giving your discounts an extra dash of flavor!
discount labels
Product labels with the money difference
Let's give your store a makeover with Icons for "Add to Cart" and "Quick View"! By default, you'll find these options displayed as buttons. But if you're looking to switch things up, just give our customization team a shout and they will replace those traditional buttons with icons, giving your store a sleek and minimalist vibe, like Airturn did.
What advantages does this modification offer? By showing the price difference in money, you're making it easier for customers to understand the value of the discount. This transparency builds trust and encourages more confident purchasing decisions, ultimately driving sales and revenue growth!
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Advanced Modifications

Custom Pagination

In Searchanise, you have the flexibility to choose between traditional pagination and infinite scrolling. But if you have specific preferences like the Baltini store we've got you covered!

Here's what we did for the Baltini store: When customers land on the first page of the collection, they experience the convenience of infinite scrolling with a "Load more" button. However, if they navigate directly to subsequent pages, for example, page 2, the pagination logic adjusts accordingly, ensuring that customers only view products from the selected page. Additionally, we've included a convenient "Previous Page" button above the product grid for easy navigation backward. And if more products are needed, the "Load More" button seamlessly adds them to the product list.
custom pagination
Custom pagination with “Show previous page” button
What advantages does this modification offer? With our custom pagination, navigating through product collections becomes a joyride, translating into happier customers and potentially more conversions for your store!

Custom Product Position

With our Custom Product Position feature, e-commerce businesses gain precise control over product display order. For example, at MediaMarkt, products tagged with a specific tag are strategically positioned after in-stock items and before out-of-stock items without tags. This ensures that products with specific attributes are featured within the collection, facilitating easier discovery for users. It's like having your own personal shopper arranging your store for maximum impact!

Similarly, the Waha Lifestyle store has opted to display out-of-stock products at the end of collections, even when they are manually sorted. This strategic positioning ensures that customers can easily find available items first, streamlining their browsing experience.

What advantages does this modification offer? By customizing product positioning, e-commerce businesses are taking control of their store’s layout to highlight their top products. This approach improves product visibility and facilitates more effective merchandising strategies, potentially leading to more sales and higher user satisfaction.

Mobile Filtering Experience

Enhance your mobile filtering experience with a touch of flair! Here's what our customization team implemented for Grit Outdoors store: If the filter includes a "Show More" button and a value is selected within it, upon applying the filter, the button disappears, and the filter automatically scrolls to the selected value to ensure visibility. Additionally, filter blocks open and close with smooth animations, offering visual feedback and improving user engagement.
mobile filters
Mobile filters
What advantages does this modification offer? With this modification e-commerce stores can elevate the mobile browsing experience, making it more intuitive and engaging for users. The seamless transitions and interactive elements not only improve usability but also create a more enjoyable shopping experience, potentially leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.


Searchanise offers a plethora of customization options to elevate your e-commerce store's user experience and drive sales. From swatches on hover to custom pagination, our team is dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your online business. Contact our customization team today to explore how custom modifications can transform your store into a thriving e-commerce powerhouse.

P.S. Please provide detailed specifications for the modifications you desire, including preferred colors and fonts, to ensure we meet your exact needs.
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Stacy is a content creator at Searchanise. Her professional areas of interest are SaaS solutions and ecommerce. Stacy believes that quality content must be valuable for readers and achieve business goals. When she is not busy writing, which does not happen often, she reads passionately, both fiction and non-fiction literature.

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