New Integration: Searchanise and Ali Reviews are Teaming Up to Help You Drive More Sales on Shopify

By Searchanise
Jan 13 2020
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At Searchanise, we're constantly working on building new features and integrations to let you open up new possibilities for improving the competitive advantage of your store. That's why we're particularly excited to announce the most recent integration we're been working on: Ali Reviews.

Read on to find out more about this integration and your possibilities.

We don't have to remind you how crucial social proof for your store is. We've already integrated with a number of popular review apps. This time we are here to introduce something new. And hot.

Among many types of Shopify review apps that facilitate social proof, Ali Reviews stands out. It can help you easily collect and import reviews from many sources, including reviews from Aliexpress itself.

What is Ali Reviews?

If you know your customers well, you know that they are constantly checking reviews of products they are interested in. Having a review app is valuable for driving confidence in your products, improving sales, and boosting your business along the way.

Ali Reviews is today's one of the most popular (and THE MOST reviewed) Shopify app for adding product reviews to your store.

Unlike other review apps, Ali Reviews provides a solution to import your AliExpress and Oberlo product reviews to your Shopify store in a simple manner. Product reviews are imported from AliExpress directly to your store in just 1 click! What is more, you can pick the right product reviews to be imported with an advanced filter: review pictures, star number, content. You no longer have to wonder whether you can connect AliExpress to Shopify, or how to import AliExpress reviews.

You can also do a lot more for your store with Ali Reviews. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Request real consumer reviews via email to get social proof,

  • Display customer reviews & ratings on google search results with Rich Snippets to further increase in CTR,

  • Create fully customized review popup, cross-sell & upsell products to increase cart value,

  • Auto-update reviews - this exclusive feature save you time and keep your social proof always up to date.

What Can You Benefit From This Integration?

With Ali Reviews now integrated with Searchanise, you can show rating stars and the number of reviews on products in the instant search drop-down menu and on the search results page.

Your capabilities are:

  • Provide social proof right on your search bar - this will add credibility to your offerings right in the beginning of the customer journey,
Reviews and comments on your Shopify Market from AliExpress

How To Enable The Integration?

Ready to build social proof & boost sales? Then let's get to the next section of the article:

To integrate Ali Reviews with your Searchanise, you'll need to enable the Ali Reviews integration in the Searchanise admin panel.

1. Go to Searchanise admin panel -> Integrations -> Product reviews.

2. Set the toggle for Ali Reviews to On.
Turn-on the app
3. Click Apply changes.

! Please remember to re-index your store after the applied changes. Find the Force re-indexation button in the Dashboard section of the Searchanise admin panel.

That's it. Now you are all set to leverage the full power of social proof on your site and convert more visitors into paying customers!

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. Feel free to contact us at
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