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Shorten shoppers' path to checkout by taking care of their journey through your store

Help customers discover products in seconds with our search & filter app

We are trusted by 12,000+ companies
National Geographic

Every customer journey begins with a query

Help shoppers narrow down their query right from the search box: our Autocomplete, Suggestions & Instant Results will guide them

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Site Search
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Tenacious Toys
"The app works great so far, I have a lot of SKUs and my customers need to be able to search for keywords quickly. This app supercharged my search box and I have seen fewer customer inquiries because of it, even during the trial! Just upgraded to the paid version. Love it."
5 stars

They filter

With our facets, customers won't have to go beyond the first results page to find what they need
Product Filters
"This application is worth every penny. Our users love the fact the search is so quick and easy to use. The search results window is like Amazon where you can filter based on a number of criteria. I would give this 6 stars if I could. Even spelling mistakes are no problem for this app, it intelligently guesses what you meant to type. Also, it is completely configurable in every way you can think of."
5 stars
filtering options with color swatches

They select

Push products higher up the search results to make them more discoverable and nudge customers to checkout
Notgrass history
"This app improves the native Shopify search capabilities.
It gives you more control over what the website visitor sees. You can automatically direct certain searches to certain pages, and you can exclude certain pages from search results. I used Searchanise on another platform, and I looked it up when I moved to Shopify."
5 stars
product page with a Quick View button

They buy

Influence what customers buy with our partner's product recommendations
Upsell and Cross-Sell
Smart Boards UK
"This app is fantastic. Easy to set up and navigate. It has made our site so much more user-friendly and searchable. Products are found at least x10 faster now than with our standard searching. Upsell and Cross-sell work great and we have generated lots of additional sales with these already in our trial."
5 stars
"You Might Also Like” product recommendation block

You analyze, improve and grow

Find out what your visitors want and don't want to buy. Add products to your catalog to delight them
site search and purchase analytics
Nearly Natural
"This app is incredible! Our entire search experience has TRIPLED in value practically overnight. Comes with comprehensive customization in features and design. The app reports on metrics that matter, and helps us make data-driven decisions all throughout the user's search journey."
5 stars

Pick your platform and smooth out your customers' journey

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“Rock solid performance! I wish we knew about this app a year ago! The intuitive nature of the searches and speed of information make this a perfect app for our web store."

Searchanise is a game-changer for your business

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Sennheiser additional revenue from Upsell and Cross-sell


"Searchanise improves user experience, and now our customers can enjoy the relevancy of the products shown, which results in a 100% satisfaction rate."
60% conversion increase for Suits Outlets e-store

Suits Outlets

"Filtering tops the list in terms of useful features. Let's say a customer is looking for a black 3-piece suit in 42 Regular, preferably pinstriped. With Searchanise's filtering tools finding the suit and making a purchase is just several clicks away,"
quick search results page loading times for Pixel Empire e-store


"Searchanise's Smart Navigation, which I implemented into collection pages, has been a literal game-changer. Not only are the biggest collection pages now averaging about 1.5 seconds to load, but the filter system also rivals that of industry-leading websites,"
37% conversion upsurge for Online Markat e-store

Online Markat

"On-site search is one of the most important features. It defines the customer shopping experience. Searchanise helps us give the impression that here shoppers will find exactly what they want."

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